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Vietnamese – English Bilingual Program for elementary students

  • Th3 23, 2015

Learning English nowadays is an obvious need for most Vietnamese families. Parents are always wondering about what age they should let their children learn, where to study, how much time and what program to study.

The Board of Administrators of Pacific Primary and High School (PHS) shared the points of view and the bilingual training reality at the school as follows:

Chương trình song ngữ Việt - Anh cho học sinh tiểu học

The English Bilingual Program is held from grade 1.

PHS does not require students entering grade 1 to know Vietnamese or English first. Foreign students are also only required to communicate well in Vietnamese.

More than 1/3 of the time studying at PHS is spent on subjects in English. In addition to the 4 lessons taught by Vietnamese teachers, the children learn the rest of the program with foreign teachers and especially without teaching assistants. The absence of an assistant Vietnamese teacher gives them maximum concentration, makes full use of their skills and senses, and does not rely on or wait for a translator.

Watching foreign teachers, you will be amazed at the children’s ability to adapt quickly and the great skills of the teachers.

PHS School
PHS School

Primary, middle and high school Pacific is a Vietnamese-English bilingual school that is organized according to international standards to develop key competencies, help students integrate with the background. global advanced education and maximum development of personal capacity.