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The process of Participating in the National High School Exam 2016

  • Th3 01, 2016

1. Register for the 2016 National High School Exam

To apply for admission to universities and colleges using the results of the 2016 National High School Exam, the first thing you need to do is: Register for the 2016 National High School Exam and choose the exam subjects for graduation exams, the subject used for admission to the university you wish to study.

In 2016, all students took the exam at the test cluster in their own province, and for candidates living in the suburbs, they could choose the nearest test cluster for the convenience of candidates’ commuting.

Candidates are free to choose exam clusters that are convenient for their own travel.

You can buy registration documents for the 2016 National High School Exam at high schools and apply:

  • For 12th grade students, the registration form must be submitted at the high school where they are studying.
  • For free candidates: Register at the most convenient location specified by the Department of Education and Training.

2. Take the 2016 National High School Exam

Having registered and submitted your application for the National High School Examination, you will receive an exam notice with your registration number, exam room and test location. The exam takes place from July 1 to July 4.

3. Admission to Universities and Colleges

After taking the 2016 National High School Exam, around the end of July, students will receive a certificate of exam results and also a code to register for admission (if you meet the following conditions: pass high school graduation and do not fail at any test.

To apply for admission to universities and colleges:

  • Application form for the first aspiration, clearly stating the priority for admission to 4 majors (2 majors each school).
  • Use the code provided in the National High School Exam Result Certificate for admission

Submit your application for admission

In 2016, candidates have 2 ways to apply for admission to universities and colleges:

  • Candidates submit the application for admission by post
  • Apply for admissions online

4. Time of each admission:

a. 1st aspiration admission:

Candidates can only use the Certificate of Exam Result to enroll in 2 universities or colleges,up to 2 majors each school.

Time for registration and admission is 12 days

Candidates who have passed the 1st aspiration are not allowed to register in the additional aspiration admission.

b. Additional aspiration admission

Subsequent admissions: The time for registration and admission for each batch is 10 days. In each batch, candidates can register to a maximum of 03 schools (2 majors each school).

Note: In each round of admissions, candidates are not allowed to change their wishes for registration or withdraw their application.

5. Participate in gifted subjects

For candidates who are considered for admission to the majors with gifted subjects, it is necessary to check the aptitude test schedule of that school to know and take the exam on time.

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