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Ten things PHS for 10th graders

  • Th5 06, 2021

1. PHS TOP 5 Scholarship

Students with comprehensive study results and good development of life skills and values ​​will be awarded the PHS TOP 5 scholarship. The scholarship is considered and awarded at the end of the first semester and the end of the school year.

2. Dynamic and creative learning environment

With the motto “Study Smart”, students can maximize their potential through new learning methods, stimulating independent thinking and creative ideas.

Festivals and competitions help students confidently showcase their talents, develop skills and shine.

3. Experienced teachers, scientific timetable

In addition to a team of dedicated and psychologically knowledgeable homeroom teachers, students also learn with experienced subject teachers, with innovative teaching methods, invited from famous public schools in the city. The timetable arranges a reasonable amount of time for Vietnamese and English bilingual subjects.

4. Prepare knowledge and skills early to enter the University and study abroad

From the beginning of 10th grade, students have defined goals and made specific plans to enter university and study abroad. They visit universities, do career-oriented exercises and learn about future career prospects. The curriculum is increased by many periods to study while preparing for the exam.

5. Develop comprehensive English, prepare for IELTS and SAT

Students gain confidence and develop English skills in bilingual subjects with foreign teachers. The SAT helps students familiarize themselves with exams abroad.

IELTS Test Preparation Program is held for 3 years of high school. Students are advised to take the IELTS test and prepare to study abroad.

6. Practice, experiment regularly

Students can practice, experiment regularly and expand interesting experiments when participating in Science clubs.

7. Going to many places, learning many new things

The program of One Day with Nature, Domestic and Foreign Tours has been maintained for many years, has a good reputation and is trusted by parents. Participating in these trips, students will be bolder, more independent, receive new knowledge and experience many positive life values for themselves and the community.

8. Practical field trip and training program

Most of the school’s parents are successful businessmen, ready to welcome the students to visit the facility, learn the production processes and share successful experiences.

9. Appropriate nutrition, modern facilities, absolute hygiene

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are scientifically designed, delicious and hygienic. Students are active and exercise daily with interesting sports. Tables and chairs are designed to suit the height of PHS students.

The standard cleaning process and good awareness of PHS members have created a civilized, clean and safe school space.

10. No need to go to extra school, reasonable study costs

PHS focuses on maximizing self-study and independent thinking. The students who are not good are guided and tutored by teachers at the school. Following the PHS 3-step self-study process, students do not need to go to extra classes but still master their knowledge and develop skills.

Every year, PHS always has the rate of 100% of 12th graders passing high school and entering universities and colleges. The school has always been a pioneer in building an advanced bilingual education program and implementing social responsibility.

PHS School
PHS School

Primary, middle and high school Pacific is a Vietnamese-English bilingual school that is organized according to international standards to develop key competencies, help students integrate with the background. global advanced education and maximum development of personal capacity.