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Primary Education at PHS

  • Th5 05, 2021

Pacific Primary and High School – Pacific Primary and High School (PHS) was established on July 26, 2010. Along with the success of the Secondary Education program, Primary Education at PHS is trusted by many parents.


The primary education goal of PHS is the comprehensive development of students physically, culturally, emotionally and intellectually. The program is built around five key elements: Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Awareness and Habits.

Knowledge from subjects is designed to be appropriate for each age group, to relate to the world around them and to follow the standards of international primary school programs. Children are encouraged to experience, explore and learn.

Children’s positive perception of themselves, their families, society and the world is formed through lessons and extra-curricular activities with many rewarding and challenging activities.

Skills are practiced across subjects and daily activities to enable students to learn for life, to develop skills in communication, observation, analysis, creative thinking, presentation, social skills and self-management…

Develop positive Attitudes in study and life. We encourage students to demonstrate the following attitudes: enthusiasm, confidence, respect, cooperation, empathy, independence, honesty, sharing…

Develop positive Habits of doing the right thing at the right time, being polite, practicing sports, self-study, reading, artistic activities, self-care, caring, taking care of people and the world around …


PHS teaches under the Primary Education Program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam along with the Vietnamese-English bilingual program including subjects in English with teachers from the UK, Australia and the US:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Natural Sciences
  • Arts: painting, music, drama
  • World Culture

Other educational activities include:

  • Team sports program, boys and girls learn separate subjects at schools and professional sports centers
  • Basic Applied Informatics and Technology Program
  • Life Value education program in cooperation with LVEP Vietnam
  • Extracurricular programs and various life skills practice:
  • Sightseeing, picnics, outdoor games
  • Charity activities
  • Festivals organized by students
  • Exhibitions of student work and artwork

In the current exciting summer program at PHS, elementary school students are very active in many activities such as catching fish in the Mekong Delta, studying at school, and joining a climbing club with high school students.


Student progress reports are sent home monthly and at the end of each semester. The school holds a meeting with each parent in October and March every year. In addition, the homeroom teacher will regularly contact and exchange information with parents to coordinate and best support children in learning and developing at school.


PHS students study part-time every day from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All standards on safe environment, hygiene and health of PHS are strictly controlled.

Each year students will be measured and selected a set of tables and chairs suitable for their height regardless of their grade. The average living area is 10m2 for a student. The whole school applies three-zero hygiene criteria: no garbage, no smell, no water (including restrooms). The conditions of light, air convection, and temperature are strictly maintained.

Here, in addition to being cared for and taught by teachers and staff, elementary school students are also especially loved by high school seniors. PHS parents send all their children from grades 1 to 12 to school. There are families with up to four siblings studying together.

From the next school year, high school students will have several hours of community service during the year. One of those activities is taking care of an elementary class at the school. They will help the children study, practice sports or participate in the organization of school events. Middle school students practice many skills and working styles from this activity, while elementary students are happier when they are cared for and respected.

PHS School
PHS School

Primary, middle and high school Pacific is a Vietnamese-English bilingual school that is organized according to international standards to develop key competencies, help students integrate with the background. global advanced education and maximum development of personal capacity.