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Preparation for University

  • Th2 08, 2014

Vietnam University, Cross – border Study, Studying Abroad

Preparing for college is a rather lengthy process that takes a lot of time and effort. From the 10th grade, students and their families need to define relatively clear goals and make specific study plans.

To help students orient their careers, PHS annually organizes career tours for high school students to companies and factories in many different industries. Children and parents can visit Vietnamese and international universities to find out useful information, especially training disciplines, admission requirements, learning methods, and scholarship.

The career counseling and studying abroad counseling programs are organized in the form of seminars and individual counseling to help students learn about their own abilities, family expectations and future orientation in order to set their own goals.


With the goal of the university entrance exam in Vietnam, students need to identify majors and exam groups from grade 10.

The curriculum strengthens the core subjects:

At PHS, from grade 10, Math, Natural Science, and English are added more periods to have more time to practice, and experiment. The 12th grade syllabus is specially designed for both study and exam preparation. From the beginning of the second semester of grade 12, the exam subjects enter a specialized exam preparation stage.

As for English, students are trained for IELTS from grade 10, each grade has 1 level, so that by the end of the first semester of grade 12, the students will have finished preparing for the 3rd level exam, and they have reached the level of 6.5.

Developing social knowledge and independent working methods: Group work and project practice are organized in grades 1 to 9. From grade 10, PHS students work more independently. They must think independently and sharply, be active in doing research, analyzing, and writing essays…

According to the general assessments of universities and high schools, high school students have very limited social, economic, scientific and political knowledge. Therefore, in addition to studying at school, children need to spend time reading from reliable sources of information, and should avoid getting caught up in harmful books, newspapers, and websites. They should consult their parents or teachers to select beneficial sources of information. Students should also practice analyzing and filtering information, evaluating and expressing opinions on contemporary issues.


Currently, cross-border study programs and international bachelor’s programs in Vietnam, taught entirely in English, are organized in a variety of majors and forms. Admission requirements of these programs focus a lot on the GPA of the final year or university entrance exam score, Math and English ability. These subjects are also two of the five important educational goals of PHS and also the strengths of the students.


1. Finish the program of the Ministry of Education of Vietnam by the end of grade 12

A full completion of the high school program helps children to have general knowledge that prepares them for a lifetime. Learning in their mother tongue is more convenient because they understand more thoroughly and gain knowledge better, especially with natural sciences. When they are good at Natural Science, they can choose from a wider range of careers. If they only choose the Social Sciences majors, and realizing that the chosen major is not suitable, they will hardly have many conditions to change into another major.

PHS focuses on developing competencies in Mathematics, Applied Science, Technology and Information Technology, so the school’s students integrate very quickly. Many of them stand out in Mathematics when studying abroad. Many students confidently choose the majors of Technology and Finance.

Oversea study applications need to provide academic records and full-year GPA of the last three years of study. If you study abroad in Technology and Science majors, the school will consider GPA in Math and usually requires above 8.0.

2. Prepare knowledge and English vocabulary

From at least 6th grade (the sooner the better) students should be enrolled in the English Bilingual Program. This program must be complete with English language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Arts in English. The Bilingual Program will help students have general knowledge and vocabulary, not just language. PHS teaches the English Bilingual program from Grade 1 to Grade 11. From Grade 10 up to Grade 12, students are in an IELTS preparation English program. Oversea study applications need scores of subjects in this program in the last three years.

3. Certificate of English

Normally, high schools do not require an English certificate. Universities require International English certificates with different scores. To facilitate admissions and test their level, students should take IELTS or TOEFL.

They should take IELTS between the end of grade 11 (when they finish Level 2 for IELTS preparation) and the end of the first semester of grade 12 (when they finish Level 3). PHS organizes mock tests regularly, so when they do the actual test, they don’t see any difference and they don’t feel psychological pressure. Scores when taking the school test usually do not differ more than 0.5 points from the actual test score.

4. Practice learning and working methods:

Multi-cultural environment, self-study ability, teamwork skills, presentation skills, information extraction and synthesis, essay writing, etc. are trained from elementary level to help PHS students easily learn when they study abroad. Having avoided culture shock or learning organization, PHS students are dynamic, positive, eager to conquer challenges to assert themselves.

5. Gain experience of community activities to find scholarships to study abroad:

This is what makes the difference and the advantages of studying abroad, especially when students want to search for scholarships. Universities are very interested in what you have contributed to society. This is because any scholarship program wants candidates to take the role of a cultural ambassador from where they come and contribute to the country later.

PHS students are very active in monthly extra-curricular programs and community activities. This also helps to enrich the content of the Recommendation Letter of the PHS Board of Directors sent to the school that students want to apply to.

Therefore, after completing the 12th grade program, PHS students have many options for the next journey. Preparing for future success requires close school-parents-student coordination . PHS always supports and accompanies the children’s dreams and success.

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PHS School

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