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PHS smart students

  • Th4 15, 2017

This year’s 11th graders have been studying PHS since 5th and 6th grade. They are familiar with presentation skills, and can speak in front of any crowd with unprepared content. The seminar “High-tech industries – the key to the future” on April 10, 2017 was a meeting skills practice session. There were a few small problems, sometimes it had to be adjusted to ensure the duration; there were friends absent, but they handled it very well.

Everyone is a perfectionist in their own work and is always ready to support and replace the other with the highest teamwork. They learned: “A job does not depend on anyone. Always have backup and quick response, proactively adjust in all cases.” That is the slogan of PHS: STUDY SMART & WORK SMART.

PHS School
PHS School

Primary, middle and high school Pacific is a Vietnamese-English bilingual school that is organized according to international standards to develop key competencies, help students integrate with the background. global advanced education and maximum development of personal capacity.