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Instructions on making application form for admission to universities and colleges 2016

  • Th1 08, 2016

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education for all universities and colleges, including those belonging to the Public Security and Military Division (except for Hanoi National University), after knowing the scores, schools begin accepting applications from August 1, 2016.

In order to prepare your profile well, candidates should note that they should complete the Admission Application Form and prepare an envelope with a pre-stamped address so that when receiving the certificate of exam results, they can submit their application right away. Certificates of exam results will be sent to all students by July 30, 2016.

For the Admission Application Form, candidates can also receive it at the place of submitting the application or download it online and print it out.

Applications for admission to universities and colleges include the following documents:

  • The Admission Application Form clearly stating the examination period, candidates can register up to 2 aspirations, which means 2 majors (or groups of majors) of a school for each admission period,
  • A pre-stamped envelope, clearly stating the candidate’s contact address for the school to notify the admission results.
  • In addition, it is necessary to attach documents confirming priority subjects (if any).


  • For the first round of admissions, candidates can only register up to 2 schools, each school has a maximum of 2 majors
  • For additional registrations, students are allowed to register up to 3 schools, each school has a maximum of 2 majors
  • The original Certificate of Exam Results is only submitted to the university/ college when you are admitted.


1. Registration number, ID number: It is necessary to write the exact and consistent information with the one in the Exam Registration Form.

2. Registration code: Write exactly the enrollment registration code specified in the candidate’s certificate of exam results.

3. Section “Suggesting the school to adjust the priority mode”: If the candidate needs to adjust the priority mode (compared to the information in the registration form), it is necessary to put an “X” in the corresponding box, and in the “priority area” section enter one of the codes KV1, KV2-NT, KV2 or KV3 corresponding to your priority area. In the “priority object” section, fill in one of the symbols from 01 to 07 corresponding to your priority object (if not, do not fill in).

4. Section “Priority for admission”:

Candidates who do not use the right of direct admission, meet the requirements specified in Clause 3, Article 7 of the Admission Regulations, when applying for admission to the school, need to mark “X” in the box next to it and simultaneously:

a) Fill in the item “Object” one of the symbols from 01 to 04 according to the following regulations:

  • Winners in the National Exam for Excellent Students: 01;
  • Winners in the National Science and Technology Competition: 02;
  • Contestants who win gold medals at yearly National Competition: 03;
  • Candidates who are recognized as national masters by the Sports Committee: 04.

b) Fill in the section “Types of prizes and medals”: prizes and medals you have won;

c) Fill in the section “Winning sport”: the subject or sport that has won the prize or medal. For candidates who win prizes in the National Science and Technology Competition, write a summary of the title of the winning topic.

5. Candidates confirm the priority according to the region the object. If the priority mode is different from the exam application form, the box “Priority regime has changed compared to the application file for the national high school exam” must be checked. Candidates are responsible for the accuracy of this information.

6. Section “Registration aspiration”: Candidates are not required to register all of the aspirations. Unregistered aspiration must be crossed out to confirm.

7. Section “Registered for admission to another school”

  • Candidates who only register for admission to 1 school or 1 group of schools: do not fill in this section;
  • Candidates applying for admission to 2 schools or 1 school and 1 group of schools: mark “X” in the box next to it and fill in all the information about the second school that the candidate applies for admission.
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