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Enhancing your strengths – Career Tracks

  • Th5 17, 2017

Enhancing your strengths — Career Tracks

Teachers are the key to everything that is being done in Education. Because different teachers have different aspirations, the Ministry of Education has three career tracks or fields of excellence.

The Teaching Track provides professional development and advancement opportunities for teachers who are keen to further develop the pedagogical capability of the teaching force, with the pinnacle position of Principal Master Teacher. The Leadership Track gives you the opportunity to take on leadership positions in schools and the Ministry’s headquarters. If you are inclined towards more specialised areas where deep knowledge and skills are essential for breaking new ground in educational developments, the Senior Specialist Track is available for you.

There will be flexibility for lateral movements across the different tracks. Education Officers can choose to move across the different careers tracks, as long as they satisfy the standards and criteria of the job / career track they aspire to take on.

Like any other profession, career advancement is only limited by your own performance and potential.

Supporting you in every way — TEACH Framework

The TEACH framework is our commitment to support our teachers in various ways, as they grow their careers in the Education Service. Our teachers will have ample opportunities to develop as educators by building their professional capabilities, deepening their teaching expertise, and progressing towards achieving their career aspirations — all whilst still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

These measures are in place to reward each and every teacher’s commitment and dedication with greater career options, professional development and more flexibility in managing their career and personal lives.

Dedicated in developing you — Professional Development

We are dedicated to develop our teachers’ potential to the fullest. There are a variety of professional development opportunities for our teachers to upgrade themselves and broaden their horizons. The Professional Development Packages and Leave Scheme include different types of scholarships, study loans and leave provisions, which allow our teachers to further their undergraduate / postgraduate studies in different areas of educational specialisation including curriculum studies, educational policy and administration, educational testing and measurement, and educational psychology and guidance.

The Teachers’ Work Attachment programme provides opportunities for our teachers to take part in short-term attachments at external organisations to gain new perspectives and exposure. There is also a wide range of training courses and conferences to help upgrade their professional knowledge. There are milestone courses for high-potential Education Officers to equip them well for leadership roles, including the Management and Leadership in Schools Programme and Leaders in Education Programme.

We also have the Academy of Singapore Teachers, subject chapters, teacher academies and language institutes that work together in synergy to foster a stronger teacher-led culture of professional collaboration and professional excellence, bringing the teaching fraternity to a higher international standing.


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