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Criteria for Choosing a High School

  • Th5 08, 2021

The trend of globalization in the world and the policy of socializing education in Vietnam allows the opening of many school models from preschool to university. Each school has its own perspective, educational goals and organizational model. Middle school age is the most challenging period and also a time to prepare for the future. Every day we also receive countless information about education. So how do we choose the right school for our child?

Here are a few guidelines for parents to consider:

Step 1: Determine the criteria for school selection (Parents should discuss and determine with their children)

Needs of children and families:

  • Do you want your child’s all-round development or academic achievement to be more important?
  • Do you want your child to learn in a traditional way or a more dynamic and creative environment?
  • How well do you want your child to use a foreign language? (Achieving international certificates, fluent communication, comprehensive knowledge or just focusing on languages…)
  • What are your child’s goals after graduating from high school? (going to university, learning a trade, going to work…)
  • Will your child study abroad? At what age?
  • What style and lifestyle does your child want to be? (humble and brave, intellectual and elegant or stylish and bohemian…)

The educational perspective of the family:

  • Do you want to have a close relationship between home and school and contribute ideas to the school?
  • Are you willing to cooperate with the school in the educational process or do you want to give it all to the school?
  • Do you want your children to live simply or use all the material conditions of the family?

Factual factors:

  • Do you want your child to study close to home? Do you have a lot of time and accept risks for transporting your children to school, extra lessons, after-hours activities…?
  • Do you want your child to have a rich learning program in arts, sports, extra-curricular activities, and comprehensive development of skills at school?
  • Do you prepare enough family budget for your child to finish high school?

Step 2: Visit the school (For the tour to be effective and convenient, parents and students should prepare the following questions and things to observe in advance)

A. Educational program

  • Does the school have specific educational goals and does the educational program meet those goals?
  • Is the timetable scientifically organized? Is there a balance between educational activities?
  • Are there life skills development programs? (Note that life skills cannot be learned in a few lessons but must be practiced regularly in every activity.)
  • Is the number of lessons guaranteed for your child to understand and apply the lesson without having to go to extra classes?
  • Do subjects taught by foreign teachers have teaching assistants? Why?
  • How are sports, extracurricular and career-oriented programs organized? Where? Is it often? Is it for educational purposes?
  • Are there classes for art, music, technology…?
  • Does the school have clubs, community activities, and talent competitions?

B. Management board, homeroom teachers and students


  • Are administrators willing to meet parents?
  • If it is a bilingual school, can the administration use a second language?
  • Have you been able to discuss with the administration about the educational views of your school and your family?
  • Do you agree with the school’s educational stance?
  • Does the school have multiple campuses? How does the Board of Directors manage the facilities?

Homeroom teachers play a very important role for high school students

  • Are homeroom teachers graduates of the University of Education? Do they receive additional training in school counseling? Are they approachable and student-friendly?
  • Are homeroom teachers supported in the special education situation?
  • How is communication between home and school done?

The students

  • Does the school select students? By what criteria?
  • Does the school have foreign students? What is the rate?
  • Student’s style:
    • Are students happy, active and healthy?
    • Does the students’ style match your family’s wishes?

C. School Facilities

  • Is the environment safe, sanitary and controlled?
  • What is the usable area of the school per student?
  • Is the construction design, light, sound, color suitable?
  • Does the school have enough functional rooms (library, laboratory, gymnasium, etc.) with modern and appropriate equipment?
  • Does the school library have a rich source of books and materials? Is the library a favorite place for students? (Is the reading habit maintained?)
  • Does the school have a kitchen? Is the food delicious, hot and safe?
  • Is the restroom clean and dry? Is there regular cleaning? Do they overuse cleaning chemicals?
  • Is this location rented or built for long-term operation? Where will the school move soon?

After the tour, your family needs to evaluate, compare the information with your criteria and decide with your child the school to study. Once you have decided which school to attend, you should always accompany the school in the development of your child.

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