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15 university tour contents

  • Th5 15, 2014

From the first years of high school, PHS students have been able to visit many Vietnamese and international universities. The tours are not only career-oriented but also help students choose their future study environment.

Here are what they’ve learned:

  1. Facilities and learning environment
  2. Life in a university environment
  3. Types of training
  4. Teaching and communication methods of lecturers at university level
  5. Experiences drawn from teachers and students
  6. Courses by level (College/University/Master/PhD)
  7. Curriculum of my favorite field
  8. Achievements of students
  9. Job opportunities after graduation
  10. Compare the quality and form of training between schools
  11. Incentive and priority policy
  12. Admission requirements
  13. Study and living expenses
  14. Types of scholarships and requirements to apply
  15. The future development of the school

And from there, they assess whether the school environment is suitable for them, set a goal to strive for admission to the school of their choice.

PHS School
PHS School

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