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Blabber competition 01-04-2016
April fool's day and Blabber competition have just ended excitedly , interestingly with lots of amazement. Despite the most fastidious jurymen in the world, they can't stop laughing. Our blabbermouths were selected from primary to high school students who were very excited to be their class 's presentees . The candidates used not only Vietnamese but also English for the competition. Besides some individual performances , there were some performances in group. All PHS teachers and students enjoyed the competition, which escapes us from the pressure of work and makes us be ready for the coming final test . Intelligence and humorousness are features of PHSer. 

** The result : 

The 1st prize of blabber competition - Tran Cao Minh Vu ( english performance)- grade 7 

The 2nd prize of blabber competition - Le Duy Long ( Vietnamese performance)- grade 1

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